If You Are Tall You May Qualify for a Tall Club Scholarship Award

On March 18, 2011, in , by Raymond Doctoroff

Are you a woman that is over five foot ten or a man taller than six foot two inches? Did you know that there are scholarships for people in that category? The Tall Clubs International Scholarship offers awards for students who are taller than the average. TCI is a non-profit organization that has approximately two thousand US and Canadian members. Their purpose is to bring additional awareness to those who are tall within their gender. It is only when you have a specific situation that is outside the average that you are sensitive to the relevant issues. Think about how someone who is below the average height can feel frustrated by chairs being too high off the ground or cabinets being hard to reach. In a similar way, there are issues that the tallest people have to cope with each day. The organization wants to let the world know about the services needed to accommodate more than just regular height individuals. Some areas include airplane seating and difficulties in driving due to physical constrictions. TCI also has an interest in Marfan Syndrome because there can be height issues as a result of this condition.

The Tall Club holds a convention each year and gives out awards of one thousand dollars to candidates recommend by their local groups. You are only eligible if you are under twenty one years of age. There are many TCI clubs around the US and it would be in your best interest to contact one that is near you to discuss their college grant program. They need to submit you name because it is a requirement to be sponsored to be considered by the board for the funding money.

Many females are self-conscious if they feel they are too tall despite some of the top models such as Tyra Banks being five foot ten inches. Due to traditional conditioning, girls often feel that men will feel inferior around a female who has more height. Carry yourself with pride and apply for the scholarship if you meet their height requirements. If you win you can use this for your freshman year of college and save money.

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